Friday, October 24, 2008

We Was at a Cow Sell

We were really grateful to be able to go to Twin Falls last weekend so Brandon could sell one of his cows. Even though it's always a gamble owning cows, it's something great to have in your back pocket. Brandon's brother Greg actually ended up being the buyer of the cow, so I think Brandon wished they could have just sold it straight up without having to take out a percentage of the money for the sale. But like I said, gamble. Kinda funny how the economy works these days huh? The things you need to buy are way too expensive and the things you need to sell are going for too cheap! The sale wasn't quite as boring as I thought, and it helped to have some Andersen women to gossip with!

Stop laughing, Moyes family!

Mmmm, like a noble steed.

Woah settle down there Bessy! (OK so that's not the name but it fits right? And yes, that is Steve Gillins in the background)

We always love going to Brandon's parent's house. Good food, good times, and they always stock us up with meat and such before we go! :D