Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Update

The ultrasound on Friday went really well. Grant's abdomen is not small anymore, it actually went from being in the 5th percentile to like the 70th in about a month! They actually guessed his weight at around 7.14. I'm so proud ;) and grateful that our prayers were answered. So, they decided it wasn't necessary to induce me anymore. So now we wait....and wait. I am so uncomfortable and miserable and don't sleep at night and just wanna be done! I even cleaned out the garage and pulled weeds all afternoon hoping to get somethin going but I think the only outcome is a sore back. We go back to the doctor on Thursday. Any tips on inducing labor on your own would be appreciated :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Update

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. All the tests and everything went well again, but I still haven't made any kind of process in the labor department. I am going back in on Friday and they are going to do another "full" ultrasound where they will measure his body again. If he is still really small (his abdomen was in the 5th percentile a few weeks ago) then the doctor said they will probably have to induce me. Not sure when that would be. I will try my best to keep you all informed.
Baby Grant is on his way!!

Sad News :(

I have some sad news to share. One of our new kitties "D-Will" is dead :( Before I left today, I checked all over the garage looking for them. They like to hide under the car and usually run out when I turn the car on, but they didn't. I figured they were just hiding somewhere in the garage from the scary construction guys building our new roof. So I slowly backed out of the garage and drove away. I looked in my mirror and saw a kitty lying in the road. My heart stopped. I whipped around and realized it was one of a pool of blood. He must have been up in the car or in the wheel somehow and fell out. I immediately started bawling and called Brandon. So lucky that he is so close and was able to come home to comfort me and take care of the body. I feel so awful. Now Nash is all alone with no one to play with.
Excuse me while I go cry some more...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


John and Caroline's cat, Roxy, had 4 kittens and they were kind enough to let us take home 2 of them! I have yet to see a mouse inside of our house, knock on wood, but they better become good mice catchers because I WILL freak out when I do ;)
The lighter one's name is "Nash" and the darker is "D-Will" named after each of our favorite NBA players. They're still pretty shy and scared to be away from momma so it was hard to get any good pictures but we love to bring them in at night and play with em. Brandon's favorite is when they fight each other...I think he's going to start an underground cat fighting ring.

Our babies...until the real baby arrives
I hope they grow up to look like our family cat, Cloudy. He was THE fattest and oldest cat in the world. I remember the day I came home from summer dance class and my dad had secretly put Cloudy to sleep...tragedy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Update

So, today I went back to the doctor for my non-stress test and another ultrasound. Everything looked great! They think he is probably just a skinny baby. They're still going to do the tests once a week to keep an eye on him. The fluid measurements are all normal (they were worried he wasn't getting enough nourishment from me). As of right now, he is healthier inside of my belly than he would be if they induced me and tried to care for him in the nursery. So... that's all good news. Let's just pray that he packs some lbs on in these last few weeks!
Not dilated at all and his exact words were "yeah, nothing is going on down there. You'll probably be pregnant for a while still" Haha great. Part of me is so ready to be done being preggo and wants to meet this lil guy...but the other part is freaking out and not quite ready to be a mommy!

Will I ever be??

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoshone Falls

We went to Shoshone Falls while Mark and Tiffani and the kids were here. I LOVED IT!
I thought this was a crazy picture of Blue Lakes Blvd. in 1906. Blue Lakes is the main street in Twin Falls where EVERYTHING is now!

When at full blast- Shoshone Falls pours out more water than Niagara Falls!

35 weeks!

Showered With Love

My AMAZING sister-in-law, Caroline, was SO sweet to drive down from Idaho and throw me a baby shower at her parent's house in Orem before we moved! It was a ton of fun, and thanks to everyone who came.
The Mastermind of the evening...and Carter
Katie Medley and Brianna Barnett

Camee Faulk, Emily Meek, Elaine Thorpe, Carly Goodman, Rachael Knudson
We all lived together/ met at Liberty Square! Awesome girls.

Camee and Emily
Linx Theobald, Sarah Campbell, Liz Redd, Emily Baird
We have all been best friends since pretty much the womb.
No one can make me laugh harder.

Hair school friends Amy Thompson and Aiko Toma

Old Roommates
Melissa and Cohen Kitchen (sorry about the shadow)Lauren Mair- hair school BFF
*Angelique- not sure what happened with your picture?
Thanks again, Care!

Rise All Loyal Cougars

On April 22, 2010 Brandon graduated from BYU! He graduated from the Marriott School of Business with a degree in General Business. He has worked so hard for this and I couldn't be more proud :)

Brandon got to graduate with his younger sister, Heather, with the exact same degree! It was really neat to see them walk across the stage together to receive their diplomas.

Brandon's parents with his 2 younger sisters
Cute Hez and Joelle

My parents were so sweet to make the trip from Phoenix to support Brandon
PROUD parents!
Brandon with 2 of his best friends Brett Wardle and Adam Christensen. We'll miss these guys!
Go Cougars!

Way to go babe!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry but no internet in the house yet (you can contact Brandon with your complaints about that ;) so this will just be a quick post! Most of you know I had my ultrasound done yesterday and thought you would like to hear the update.
  • Most everything looked great on the ultrasound and we even got a fun 3-D picture of his face
  • The ultrasound calculated my due date to be more around June 26th (original date is 4th of July) but I'm trying to not get my hopes up ;)
  • He has moved down into my pelvis pretty far already which is reassuring..but becoming quite uncomfortable
  • It is 100% sure that he is a boy!
  • Grant's head is quite large and measured in the 96th percentile! Looks like we will be having another Skylar in the family ;)
  • Unfortunately, his abdomen is only measuring in the 5th percentile which means he is very skinny. This caused some concern for the doctor. He said it could just be because I am a skinny girl and he's just a skinny baby...or, it could be the indicator of something more serious. So, starting on Monday, I have to go in once a week and do a non-stress test to monitor him more closely and try to figure out what's goin on in there! The doctor was super nice about everything and didn't make me feel too concerned (if that's possible with your first baby!) but, your prayers for his continued growth would be appreciated.

We are getting very excited for his arrival and cannot believe we only have a month left! Other than that, Brandon is really enjoying his job out here and Lindsay is continuing to paint/ get this house all fixed up before Grant arrives. We had some great visitors, my sister Tiffani and her family, down here from Boise for the weekend so that was a lot of fun. We are really liking our ward and have already made some great friends. Now, we're just waiting for the weather to get warmer and start enjoying summer!!

*Hoping to get internet soon so you can all see lovely pics of my growing belly ;)