Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adam and Meghan

We got to go down to Utah this past weekend for Adam and Meghan's wedding! Adam was Brandon's roommate while we dated at Liberty Square, and Adam's brother is married to Brandon's sister, Katie...so we're practically family! We love Adam like our son and are so happy for him and grateful we were able to be apart of such a special day. We were the ONLY non family members in the sealing, so we felt pretty special :)

Beautiful Bountiful Temple

Beautiful flowers

Brandon and Craig. Craig is Adam's cousin, and was also a roommate...another one of our son's ;)

LOVED her dress!

AND her hair!

It was such a fun day. We came down a day early and got to spend time with friends and stay with Mikey and Shiann (thanks guys!) and then we spent Saturday night at the Little America hotel (which was fancy schmancy!) to celebrate our anniversary! It was fabulous, and thanks to the in-laws for taking Grant for the weekend!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Alright, I know I'm waay behind on the blog but this has been one BUSY summer! So here I am playing catch up on pretty much...everything. We all know I hate blogger so I just did one LONG post :)

YF&R Activity at Bass Lake

Andersen Family Reunion at Sunrise Over P

Love this pic of Ben and Brandon goin down the slide together ;)

Met with Elder Andersen at the Church Office Building. Brandon couldn't come, and he isn't allowed to put his arm around girls, so here is our awkward picture :)

Brandon's dad with his little brother

After SLC, Grant and I went down to Beaver for the infamous 24th of July Celebration. It didn't disappoint.

In between all the madness, I spray painted our kitchen table set black!

Got caught wearing socks with sandals...just call me a BYU guy ;)

The next day wasn't any better..

The finished product! It took 9 cans of spray paint and a very sore finger, but I love it!

Little Brady got baptized!

Grant was teething big time while we were there so he wasn't the happiest camper. Luckily Grant LOVES his Kenz and she was able to calm him down on the hammock.

And we've taken some baths :)

And celebrated 3 years of marriage!

Aunty Hez babysat for us

And we got a PUPPY! He's a black lab named Jimmer.

We're trying to work on his biting ;)

Grant is in heaven! Unfortunately he still calls him "Kitty"


Looking forward to Lake Powell with the Moyes clan in a few weeks!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

3 Years

Happy Anniversary, Babycakes!