Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

My parent's came up for BYU graduation. Loads of fun!

Marriott Center, the sea of dark (blue) is all of graduates!


We also went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point! It was BEAUTIFUL!

They had "Segways" you could rent. We didn't wanna pay the 20 bucks, but they let Nathan test it out


The largest man-made waterfall in the U.S.

"Yoda ley hoo!!"

My dad videotaping every single flower. You Moyes know exactly what I'm talkin about ;)

Chels and Nate

Oh, hey!!

*No pics of me and my hubby cuz he's too cool for tulips ;)

Naked Mole Rat!

Brandon decided he wanted to buzz his hair this we did!

Somebody wooks a wittle scared

Rock on!

The finished product :)

Is that not a dog?! Nope, just last semester's hair.

Carl (one of Brandon's best friends from back home) wanted to get in on this action..

Wow, Brandon! You are so tall!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Are we serious, Spring?? You definitely have an identity crisis.
Pictures taken on April, 15th.

And this is how I feel about it.

This one was taken by my friend this morning outside of my school. So horrible.

Well, Alright...

So, I had this client the other day. She had to have been over 300 lbs and seemed very strange when we first met, but then she continued to tell me about all of the brain tumors that she has and how she will probably loose all of her hair soon. (I'm working on trying to not judge people so quickly) She was actually very entertaining. The best part was that while I was cutting her hair, she was making me this!

Who does that?! She made this little balloon dog holding my tip! Ha, she just whipped it out of her purse and started blowing and twisting...not making it very easy to give her an even haircut ;) I took a lot of time on her though, and wanted to make her feel so pretty. Some people may think that part of what I'm learning is very superficial, but when you make a woman feel so beautiful, it can really change their life and give them so much more confidence to conquer the world! She seemed so much happier after she left :) I really do love what I do.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Called of God

Brandon and I went to all you can eat french toast this morning at Kneaders and as we were leaving Brandon said "Well, let's go see if Neil is gunna become an Apostle." So we went home to watch Conference and right before President Monson announced it, we both got this really strong feeling and my heart starting beating really fast...I knew it was gunna be him! And sure enough, he announced Elder Neil L. Andersen as the newest member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Neil is Brandon's dad's younger brother, and he is also the man who sealed us. He is such an amazing man and I'm not surprised at all that the Lord has called him to this important calling. What a great blessing this is for our family!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Let's Play Some Basketball"

Brandon has been super busy this semester playing some super b-ball! He has been playing on 3 different teams! A church ball team that made it to the Elite 8 in the regional championships, a city league team that WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP, and a BYU intramural team that is 7-0 and is still playing in the tournament. Brandon has really been playing great lately, including a more than half court buzzer beater shot! It's been really fun to be able to watch him, and I am the official score keeper and #1 fan. It has definitely made me more competitive, I really get into the games! :)

This is the intramural team (minus Bret Wardle)

So tough.

Happy Birfday!

I had a lovely day Monday. It started off by waking up at 4:45 am and going to the airport to finally fly back to Provo after 5 days in warm, beautiful AZ for a family friend's wedding. It was great to get away from the horrible Utah weather, but I was def ready to come back to my LoverMuffin. (Couldn't go due to school and work) After Brandon picked me up we went to one of my fav places, Zupas, for lunch, then I had to go to school the rest of the day which really stunk. No one at school knew it was my birthday haha :) After school, Brandon had to work on a group project so I got to bake my own birthday cake...haha it was actually okay with me. Then we went to TUCANOS! WHOOO! We are members of the birthday club, so in the month of your birthday, you get a free meal! Then, a whole bunch of my friends and a few family came over to our apartment for cake and games! Good times. What did Brandon get me, you ask? A trip to Pheonix and a waxing kit which I don't actually have yet..but will soon :) Thanks to those of you (well, 1 of you ;) that called and the others that acknowledged my birthday. I am no longer a teenage wife!

And the best part was this SUPER cute "Flirty Apron" from Brandon's parents, Heather and Joelle that I have been wanting for MONTHS! Thanks guys I absolutely LOVE IT and you :)