Monday, March 23, 2009


For those of you that are not aware, my lovey dubby Hubby and I are TIED for 1st place in the Andersen family NCAA Tournament bracket at the moment. (And NO I did not cheat off of or even look at his bracket or even ask for help) I have been brainwashed by the 24-7 Sports Center that is being played in our home....24-7 (except for when John and Kate Plus 8 is on, of course) The gloves are off, oh eternal companion of mine.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


(It wont let me drag this pic to the bottom, but while I am removing hair, Brandon is growing a Mexi- stash. Go ahead and ask me if I like it, I dare you ;) (He also just got out of the shower so that's why his hair is a fro...but the fro is probably next for him)
Alright alright people, get off my back! I am a busy girl! So, sorry I didn't post these earlier. But yes, I really did it... I cut 8 inches off my hair! I haven't had hair that short since the day before the 8th grade dance when Dad cut my hair in his bathroom. This was his explanation of how it got to be about as short as my ears, "well, I started on one side, and then the other side was a little shorter, so I had to try and even them up, but then that side was a little shorter too..." (Word to the wise: a little something I learned in my 815 hours of hair school so far: start a haircut in the BACK!) Anyways, no I couldn't donate it cuz I had color in it, notice the subtle honey highlights?

Before: (Brandon wasn't around to take a pic, so I had to do the tacky mirror ones :)

After: (Warning, these were taken right before bedtime so I look sick and I hadn't straightened my hair so it looks kinda weird :)

You likey??? You probably don't think it's very short but if you know me, you know I NEVER cut my hair! I feel so liberated!!! In the words of the hilarious blog, "Seriously, So Blessed" I feel like the pioneers! ;)