Sunday, May 29, 2011

What A Ham

Brandon wanted to snap a few pics of Grant before we went to church today. For some reason, when I held up the camera, Grant would make this super cheese-ball face/Asian eyes. It was hilarious! He kept doing it to the people around us in church, too! Where does he learn these things?!

Maybe he wont have a BabyGap modeling career after all....


Here are some pics of our cutie little kittens that were born on Easter. Their poor mother, Lilly, was just born herself in October and she had 7 kittens! One of the kittens died the day after they were born and actually, one of the kittens in these pictures got ran over tonight by Brandon :(

I wont tell you which makes it less sad.

The black and white is Brandon's fav and the white one is mine

Grant LOVES the kitties. He was getting pretty aggressive and just grabbing at em, but they took it pretty well

Sorry these pics are pretty bad. My camera isn't that great, the lighting was bad, and these little buggers are quick!

Yes, that's our lovely farm house in the background ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Is it a surprise to anyone anymore that Brandon gave me tickets to AZ for my birthday again? It will always be the best gift ever! We got to go the first week of May and overlapped a few days with Chelsea. After a 2 1/2 hour drive, 5 hour delay at the airport, and another 45 min drive, we finally made it to my parents house!

Playing with Papa, getting ready to swim
Mother's Day

It was kinda sad not being with Brandon on Mother's Day (he gave me a coupon for a professional massage before we left) but, I did get to be with my OWN mother!

Grant and Luke with their matching outfits

Swimming! It was a lovely 98 degrees!

We decided to try the splash pad one day at Desert Ridge.

The water was pretty cold, so Luke wasn't a big fan.

Grant chillaxin in the stroller

"Aaaah this is nice"

Then we decided to try it out. Grant liked it pretty well.

One of my best friends growing up, Whitney Soper, was getting married on Saturday, but I had to go home on Friday because we had tickets with Brandon's family to see Wicked on Saturday!

I was bummed I couldn't go to the wedding, but was able to go to her shower on Thursday night.

Me, Sarah, Whitney and Chelsea

(Yes, Chels and I are matching patterns..I had it on first ;)

Shoshone Falls

The night before I went to Phoenix for a week we decided to have one last hoorah and had a (KFC) picnic at Shoshone Falls.

We played with bubbles
Rolled around and tried to grab Dad's magazine (Grant loves magazines!)

And soaked up the sunshine!

The falls were even stronger than last year! I was blown away!

It's the "Niagra of the West" dontcha know?