Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We got to spend Thanksgiving Day with the Andersen's in Burley. It was a full house, as always, but lots of chaotic fun!

I love this picture of Grant with sweet Grandma Roberts

Abbey and Rachel
Cute boys

Brandon with Lolly who was not into the whole picture taking at the moment ;)

The dreaded ping pong tournament ;)

Yeah, I lost barely to Trey....he's 8

But I DID beat Abbey :)

Brandon lost to Ben in the championship game...again

Then Grant and I went to Boise the next day where my parents and some siblings were.

The only pics I took were from bowling

Creeper Trever in the background..

Trev's lovely lady, Kaitlin
Skylar was nice enough to let Grant push the ball down on one of her turns

He was in heaven with all the balls everywhere!

And I couldn't wait to come home and decorate our little tree and add the cute bow ornaments I got from Tai Pan. So me, right?

So much to be grateful for this holiday season!!

Birthday Boy

B turned 26 on November 18th. Love that sweet man.

He even got to be spoiled by his mommy with her famous carrot cake :)

Help A Sista Out

Alright, I know I'm super behind on the blog and have lots to catch up on, but I just wanted to pop in and let all my sistas out there know that I have found the BEST foundation! My friend, Amber, from hair school had blogged about it, so I thought I best try it out and I LOVE IT. It's called "Revlon Photo Ready" and it makes your skin look so even, creamy, and just gorg. Oh and it has SPF 20 in it, cuz we all know you need to wear sunscreen EVERY DAY...riiight? People compare it to MAC's foundation, which most of us can't afford! I got mine at Target, give it a whirl.

(I wear level 004 Nude)

You can thank me later ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"guess why i smile a lot. uh. cuz it's worth it"

Anyone who really knows me will not be surprised that I just laughed for 4 minutes and 12 seconds...but also in the back of my mind wondered, what in the hay is going on right now?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Grant and I were lucky enough to take a nice long vacation!

We started out in Phoenix to babysit my 17 year-old brother (?) while my parents went to Virginia to see Amber.

Snuggling with Papa

Playin piano with Jo Jo
And some of you ask why I decorate my house so much for holidays....

Some of these are so old! Brought back good memories.

The "Halloween tree"

THEN we got to go to Monterey, California and meet Brandon for a dairy conference

"Oh hey"

Monterey Bay Aquarium

SHARK! This place didn't really help with my fear of the ocean...

Grant owned that joint.

Givin everyone the tour

Touching a star fish!!

Our little pearl ;)

"Get out Mom!!"

They had a great play area for kids

Look at this crazy huge ugly fish!! I don't even remember what it's called, but it blew my mind.

I think that's a good pic to end on ;)