Thursday, February 16, 2012

LOVEly Day

I know a lot of people (my husband) aren't big fans of Valentine's Day but I love it! I think it's fun when all the stores are decked out in red and pink, you get to eat pretty treats, and get all dressed up and go out to celebrate your love! Who doesn't love going on a date on a Tuesday night ?! ;)

The house was decorated

Crafts were made. Tutorials found here and here

Flowers and gifts were exchanged

The best sugar cookies ever were made. Recipe found here

This cutie pie got LOTS of snuggles!

Red pants and lipstick were worn.
(Please do not take me seriously in this picture)

And my hubby took me out for Thai food and to see The Vow (now THAT is true love ;)
I also have been doing the "14 Days of Valentines" similar to this for Brandon. It's been fun and I know he enjoyed waking up to a little treat every morning.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Boy.

Grant has definitely been enjoying testing my patience lately :)

He sure has a sweet tooth like his mom and dad!
Here he is after finding the Oreos..

He also likes to find my glasses and put them on. Haha it's pretty funny but I realize he probably shouldn't wear them too often or he is really going to need glasses! (My mother reminded us of that constantly growing up...)

But it's so funny when he pushes them up, all nerd like.

He also enjoys pulling Dad's blood tester off the counter...
After all that sugar he is going to need one of those too someday! ;)

He had his 18 month check up last week (even though he will be 19 months on the 5th) and here are his stats:
Weight: 27 lbs
Height: 33 in
75th percentile

(P.S. I realize my picture quality is not that great lately. Blame it on an old point and shoot camera, and a wiggly boy that would rather yell "lemme-see!" and try and look at the other side of the camera than hold still)

YF&R Conference

This past weekend was the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Boise. Brandon and I got to go stay in a hotel in downtown Boise and sweet, sweet Tiffani took care of Grant.

We got to take a tour of the Capitol

Governor Otter's office

"Occupy Boise." Really cool.

Jerry Kramer was the speaker on the last day. He was a big time NFL player from Idaho that won the first 2 Superbowls. Brandon was pretty excited.

Then, we were REALLY smart and didn't realize the Jazz tickets we bought months ago were for the same weekend. So we drove from Boise to Salt Lake and back to Jerome that was a loong day and I was pretty miserable with a bad head cold. But hey, we're young, right??