Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Engagement Pictures!

Sorry this took forever but here they are folks! We are really pleased and are having a hard time trying to pic our favorite, so let us know! Shout out to our amazing photographer, Tony Murray. You can go to his website here.

^^I think this is the one, eh?? ^^
^^This one is Brandon's fav^^

Monday, May 19, 2008

CrAzY FaMiLy

To hear about all of the really crazy stuff that has happened to my family in the past couple of weeks, look at my sister's blog here , she did a really good job of writing about it. We truly have been looked after!

P.S. We took our engagement pictures on Saturday and are supposed to get them tomorrow so that post is soon to come! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The First Time We Met...Precious!

So this is the first time Brandon and I layed eyes on each other. It was our opening ward social last summer before fall semester started. Brandon was the first person I noticed and I remember thinking, "Wow! That guy is so cute! And he's in our ward!!" And then we all played water polo and Brandon was PSYCHO! If any of you have ever met Brandon, he is probably the most competitive person you know, and he was the only one that was scoring on our team, and didn't really ever pass the ball, they even put him as goalie and he would still score from the other side of the pool! (One more thing that I love about him! He is so passionate about sports..) Anyways, I thought he was really cocky so I kinda just lost interest (he's going to kill me for that), but I would always refer to him as "the cutest guy in our ward." Too bad he didn't even notice me!! Good thing he came to our apartment a few weeks later and asked for my number!

Where's Waldo? We tried for like 20 minutes to put squares and stuff around our heads but blogger wont let me just copy and paste that who can find us?? (Hint: Brandon is probably really easy to find cuz he is so tan, but half of my face is cut off by a girl's head)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We Hit A Cow :(

Welp, talk about a bad ending to a good weekend. We didn't leave Scottsdale till pretty late in the afternoon because Jason blessed his new baby, McKenna, in sacrament meeting (which Brandon was able to participate in, so that was neat), and then my mom made a HUGE turkey and ham and everything else, feast for lunch. Brandon had a lot of spanish homework to get done, so I drove from Flagstaff to Kanab, after stopping for gas in Kanab I figured I woudn't mind driving to Beaver, but for some reason just decided to switch with Brandon here. Well, about 7 miles out of Kanab in the canyon, at about 9:30, I was thinking I should tell Brandon to watch out for deer because it was so late but didn't say anything (probably wouldn't have done much anyways). Coming around a corner, going 65 mph we hit a black cow. Brandon says it happened so fast, all of a sudden he sees the cow and then bam! we were already through it. Having never been in any kind of car accident, it was by far the scariest moment of my life. One second I'm lookin down at the iPod, and the next it feels like we just hit a brick wall with glass flying everywhere, and all I could do was scream (which probably wasn't very smart cuz it made Brandon think I was really hurt). He was able to get control of the car and pull it off to the side of the road. We were so lucky that my car held up as well as it did, because none of us even had a scratch (my friend, Lindsey Black, from Beaver was with us). After we hit the cow, it went flying to the other side of the road, causing a car coming in the opposite direction to hit it, sending their car on its two side wheels, almost rolling it. We were able to flag down some people who didn't have enough room in their car for us but were nice enough to drive back into Kanab for help. Another couple who lived nearby stopped and drug the cow to the side of the road (ew!) and gave Lindsey and I a ride to their house to use their landline and call my dad. (Of course we had zero cell phone service out there) Well, long story short (but not really), the car was towed to Kanab where we had to stay in a hotel overnight. Lindsey's brother had to come from St. George to pick us up and take us back to St. George to rent a car (which was a mess in itself) and then we were FINALLY able to make it back to Provo, and I'm driving a SWEET Kia Rondo rental car.

We are just SO grateful for the Lord's hand in our safety and that we were able to walk away with nothing more than some sore necks. We can't even imagine how different things would have been if we were in a smaller car, going faster, the cow was bigger, or even if I was driving. Now we're just really busy trying to catch up in our classes and figuring out all the fun insurance stuff (they haven't figured out if they're just going to total it or not). Thanks a lot for all of the love and support we've gotten from family and friends.

Okay, you maybe can't tell, but while we were walking back to the lady's car, I just held up my camera and clicked, and actually got the dumb cow in it. Its the big black thing in the back of the picture...

Blood and guts (the cow's, not ours ;) and hay from the cow's stomach! You can also see on the side of where the driver's window used to be is a big dent from the horns. We figure the left horn is what broke the window (so grateful it didn't hit Brandon in the head)


Chelsea and Nathan's Wedding

The WHOLE fam!

We've all been best friends since birth (well, Liz joined us in high school)

Jeff was able to take his 2 weeks off and come home from Iraq! The happy little family is reunited at last!

This was where the luncheon was at, it was so nice and the food was delicious!!

All six sisters, and one sister-in-law ;)

We were able to drive down to Scottsdale to see my sister Chelsea get married. She's the 4th girl in my family (including my mom) to marry an Idaho boy!(I'll make 5!) It was a beautiful day and night with the reception at our friends, the Barkers, new home. Also, all nine of my parent's kids and their spouses (and spouse to be;) and their families were there. We couldn't even remember the last time we were all together! We were especially grateful that my brother Jason was able to make it...take a look at Jason and Debbie's blog and read about the scare that they had last week. Anyways, it was a lot of fun to be with my family and we love Nathan and are so happy for the new Mr. and Mrs. Petersen!!

The Hoover Dam!!

Isn't Brandon's outfit so cute!? I bought it for him...ha

Brandon got REALLY excited as we were crossing the Hoover Dam on our journey down to AZ, so we decided (at the last possible second) to take some pics.

Eric and Beka's Wedding

Last Thursday, before driving down to AZ, we went to Eric and Beka's wedding in SLC. Who would've thought a May 1st wedding would include a blizzard! We were freeeeezing. She still looked gorgeous though!!