Thursday, May 15, 2008

The First Time We Met...Precious!

So this is the first time Brandon and I layed eyes on each other. It was our opening ward social last summer before fall semester started. Brandon was the first person I noticed and I remember thinking, "Wow! That guy is so cute! And he's in our ward!!" And then we all played water polo and Brandon was PSYCHO! If any of you have ever met Brandon, he is probably the most competitive person you know, and he was the only one that was scoring on our team, and didn't really ever pass the ball, they even put him as goalie and he would still score from the other side of the pool! (One more thing that I love about him! He is so passionate about sports..) Anyways, I thought he was really cocky so I kinda just lost interest (he's going to kill me for that), but I would always refer to him as "the cutest guy in our ward." Too bad he didn't even notice me!! Good thing he came to our apartment a few weeks later and asked for my number!

Where's Waldo? We tried for like 20 minutes to put squares and stuff around our heads but blogger wont let me just copy and paste that who can find us?? (Hint: Brandon is probably really easy to find cuz he is so tan, but half of my face is cut off by a girl's head)


Tiffani said...

Caulky, as in white and capable of sealing things like tile or stucco? Or cocky, as in over-confident and sure of himself? He he, I guess I am Jay Moyes' daughter after all.

Lindsay said...

I DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THAT YET! I hadn't even read through it and there are pics that were supposed to go with it. Fool.