Sunday, October 25, 2009


Brandon's intramural football team has done really well this year! They were undefeated and ranked number 10 out of about 250 teams!
It's been really fun to watch him as Quarterback

Until Wednesday night. My poor boy was going up for an interception, caught the ball, but then rolled his ankle. As he winced in pain, the ball fell loose and the other team ended up catching it for a touchdown :(

It's a really bad sprain and is way swollen but he can walk on it pretty good now. We are trying to nurse it back to health because now it is tournament for football, and he is also playing on co-ed and 3 on 3 basketball teams!
Oh, and they ended up loosing the game by one touchdown :(
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Sale and Awards

Last weekend we went to Idaho for the State Sale. Brandon had decided to sell one of his heifers. As you can guess from this stupid economy, it was a pretty low sale and he didn't get nearly as much as we were hoping for.

The next day they had a Holstein convention in Twin Falls. I skipped out on the boring meetings ;) and just came for the luncheon where Brandon's parent's were receiving two very important awards!

Norma was awarded "Dairy Woman of the Year" which was very much deserved. I love how she really is a big part of their business and the way she raised her 8 children to be hard workers from a young age.

They showed this really neat video about Alan before he received his award..

2009 Master Breeder of the Year!

Alan with his mother

With 6 of their 8 childrenWe then spent Sunday in Burley with his parent's. Before we left to go home, Norma stocked us with fresh apples, a box of potatoes, homemade salsa and jam, canned food..and much more! It was sweet!
I am so blessed to have such wonderful In-laws! They are some of the kindest people I have ever met and are great examples to Brandon and I. (Not to mention the fact that they raised "such a good boy" as Norma likes to put it ;)
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We had a "Disney character" competition randomly one day in class. I thought everyone did a pretty good job with limited resources..

The witch from Sleeping Beauty:
Miney Mouse (my group..we were pretty lazy ;)
Rafiki from Lion King: This one was my fav
Tomorrow is our big Halloween Competition so I'll post some of those pics later
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Sunday, October 11, 2009


The past few weeks I have been taking a multi-vitamin and grape seed pills (supposed to help immunity). Most of you remember how very ill I got last winter, resulting in a visit to the ER, and that happening again was just simply not an option. Trying to finish school in January. Welp, apparently it was pointless because the dreaded weather-changing-illness has found me! Just hit me yesterday after school. I'm sure working on stranger's hair over 45 hours a week and very little sleep has had something to do with this. I've only had a fever a few times in my life. Actually the only time I can remember is when I had strep throat (and a broken foot) my Junior year of HS. Anyways, so I don't have a fever, but that basically means nothing to me. Aching all over. Can hardly lift my head off of pillow. Coughing. Was supposed to go to work today at 3 (working in Provo stinks cuz everyone is LDS so we have to rotate Sundays). After texting everyone on the employee list with no luck of finding someone to cover for me, Brandon had to call my manager and tell her I wouldn't be coming in. I think she was mad. Hope I don't get fired. Glad I don't have school tomorrow so I can just sleep all day. Okay, enough with the rambling. Don't even know what I am typing anymore. Excuse me while I go and watch Father of the Bride and lay on the couch all day.

Also glad that this is happening now, so I can hurry and get over it before most of my family come next week for BYU Homecoming!!!!

Any tips to helping me get healthy and stay healthy would be appreciated.

Also, this was not a post to make you feel sorry for me. Just bored.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Trey is Brandon's 6-year old nephew that was born with HLHS (1/2 of a heart) he has had many surgeries and complications with it through his whole life but always seems to keep a smile on his face. The other day Trey got really sick again with flu like symptoms (and many more things that I wouldn't be able to explain). They live in Declo, Idaho and the hospital in Burley decided he needed to go down to Primary Children's Hospital in SLC in an ambulance for the 3rd time in the past few months.

We were able to go up and visit him this afternoon. He looked really sick and tired when we first got there but quickly started to feel better and was looking great! He and Brandon had fun playing with his gun..I think it really cheered Trey up.

They shot Grandpa...

They are hoping that Trey will be able to go home tomorrow. We love you Trey! Please keep him in your prayers.
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Football Game

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These pics are really old from the Jerome County fair this summer, but the power cord to my laptop broke and I just got a new one. These are from standing in line for the famous Elephant Ears (HUGE scones). We obviously got ours with butter, cinnamon and powdered sugar.

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