Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Weekend

These 2 cute boys (3 days apart) watched their Dad's play each other for the Twin Falls City League Championship. (The one on the right's father lost ;)

 Like father, like son.

 Watched sweet Hilary get baptized.

 Fed baby calves

 Love this goofy, dirty, post dinner face.
 Drove Dad's truck

 Took baths
 And read books.
Fun was had by all.
Have I mentioned that I love my life??

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


As you all know (I'm assuming you all know..) I am a certified cosmetologist.
I do hair out of my kitchen. No, it's nothing glamorous and I have to wash out your color in my bath tub..but I enjoy it and we sure do have a lot of fun! And it's cheap and you can bring your kids :)
I've finally posted my official prices on my sidebar  >>>>
Because most of my clientele is family, these are prices for everyone.
Trust me, this is the LOWEST I can go! {Especially on color}
 I'm hardly makin' anything here, folks :)
Email me at for further info and to schedule an appointment.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fashion Star

So there is this blog, Pink Peonies, that has become super popular. It is a super cute (super skinny) LDS girl that is a newlywed and blogs about the adorable outfits she wears everyday. I LOVE her style and enjoy reading the blog...except for that fact that I could NEVER afford her clothes! (Don't even get me started on how I don't understand how a "married student" can afford them either...still has daddy's credit card? ;)  Anyways, she did a post a little while ago and the second I saw it I said, "Hey! I have that exact outfit!" And then I realized, my outfit was a SMALL fraction of the cost of hers. So I thought I'd do a little comparison :)
Warning: We took my pictures in maybe 2 seconds as we were already late rushing out the door, and the sun was shooting me in the bear with me.

Pink Peonies outfit: Top- $90 from J.Crew, Tee- $40 from J.Crew, Jeans- $190 Paige Denim, Shoes- $228 J.Crew, Watch- $250 Michael Kors, Necklace- $60 J.Crew, Wrist Jewels- at least $100 from J.Crew, Juicy Couture and Forever 21, Bag- $575 Tory Burch
Outfit total: about $1,533

My outfit: Top- $15 Old Navy, Tee- $10 Old Navy, Jeans- $20 Gap clearance, Shoes- $15 TJ Maxx clearance, Watch- $30 Macy's, Necklace- $15 American Eagle, Wrist Jewels- $6 Forever 21, and I have a similar bag but forgot it in the picture- $10 from Plato's Closet
Outfit total: about $121

(I did guesstimate some of the prices because they are no longer available or I forgot exactly how much I paid..but it's pretty darn close)
So the moral of the story, you do NOT have to break the bank for new, cute clothes! My sister's and I LOVE to shop, and we LOVE a good bargain even more! I very rarely pay full price for anything. Almost everything will eventually go on clearance, or a coupon will show up somewhere!
I strongly believe in retail therapy, but not blowing all your money on it!
Please do not get me wrong, I love her blog..and to be honest, if I had the money I probably would buy some more of her higher quality items (I'm sure her J.Crew shirts don't shrink like crazy, and don't get holes in them like my Old Navy ones do..) But I'd just rather save my money for something a house! (Okay, I'll settle for food...)

P.S. How do you feel about my hair these days? I've grown out my roots for the "ombre" look that all the celebs are doing these days....yay or nay?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Let's Play Some Basketball"

Brandon has been playing on 3 basketball teams and 1 volleyball team the past couple of months. It's been crazy, and I will be glad to have my husband back :)
Here are some pics from last night's Jerome City League championship.
(Sorry for the crappy pictures, the lighting was weird...and my camera is going downhill fast)
 Brian Williams and Brandon
Silly boys

 Playing B-ball with Grandpa. This boy is hard to contain in the stands! All he wants to do is "shoot ball!!"

 Back to back champs!

Jarelle My Bell.

Last Friday I got to make a solo trip down to SLC to see one of my best friends, Jarelle, get married. We grew up dancing together at the same studio. Her and Stephen started dating in high school and I knew she could never marry anyone else :) They got engaged just a few days after he got home from his mission. They make such a beautiful couple!
It was a lovely day and I was glad I got be apart of it.
(Yes, I took a million pictures :)

They had these smiles alll day. It was so cute the way they looked at each other.

Jarelle's sister, Aleasha, who is good friends with my sister, Chelsea.
The 4 of us had some GOOD times growing up :)
Annie (Fuge) Richardson, Jarelle, and Me
She has the cutest grandparents. Her Grandpa was their sealer.
We stayed with her grandma on the left when Jarelle and I went to BYU Dance Camp when I was probably 12.
The Case Family
(Can you spot Mitt Romney's son? ;)
Love those Fullers
(My senior year, I was the only Mormon in my class so my stake didn't have a seminary class for me. So I had to drive over to Brother Fuller's famous seminary class. Great experience)

(I should've known better than to take a picture next to the beautiful bride after a 4 hour road trip ;)

(Shout out to my mother-in-law for taking Grant, and Mikey and Shiann for letting me crash at their place!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"A Model, Idiot"

So my sis in law, Debbie, sent me a picture text of this Ralph Lauren ad in W magazine (? is that correct Debbie??)  thinking it looked just like me.

Well, I have an old school phone (hint, hint hubby: an iPhone would be a PERFECT birthday gift ;) and I couldn't really see the pic that well.
Well then my sister Chelsea sent me an email of the pic and they are right! That totally looks like me!
I guess a girl with zero lips really CAN make it in the modeling world!
I need to meet this girl, she could be my long lost twin! 
P.S. If you don't understand the title of this post, you need to watch the movie Zoolander. Like 100 times, like we did in high school.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eye Liner

My friend Jillian also asked what eye liner I use. I guess my Mom and sisters deserve the credit for this one...I'm pretty sure this is the only eye liner I ever saw used in my house and it's the only one I've ever bought.

CoverGirl perfect point plus.
Goes on smooth and you don't have to use a stupid pencil sharpener.
I use Espresso and occasionally Black Onyx if I'm feeling a little goth-y ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Psst, Ladies...

Ladies, I've been meaning to do this post for months and kept forgetting, but here you go. I received a great response about the foundation I posted about and thought I it owed to my fellow women to let them in on another little secret.
I have found THE best mascara. Well actually, you can thank the show Project Runway because they always used this.
It's the L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes.
Just try it, and you can thank me later :)  Some already have, and told me that it has changed their lives.
You can start practicing saying, "Why, no, I am NOT wearing false lashes. These are au-natural babay."
You're welcome, America.

My favorite mascara routine is to start with the mascara below. The white side is a primer and is a great base if you want a bolder look. Then I put the L'Oreal on top.  

 P.S. Learn from my mistakes and make sure you pay attention as to what color you are buying and if it is waterproof or not. I wont embarrass myself by disclosing how many times I have had to return makeup because I picked up the wrong color.
Who wears grey mascara anyways???


This little boy is 20 months old! I'm not even prepared to start thinking about him turning 2!
He has been loving finding my winter hats and wearing them around the house :)

This past weekend we decided to go up to Boise for a little over night trip. Brandon watched the state basketball tournament and I was a win-win for us all.
The weather was beautiful on Sunday (it's pathetic how we get excited about anything over 50 degrees) and we spent most of the day outside on walks, riding bikes and dirt bikes at Tiffani's.

But alas, it was one of March's mean tricks and today it snowed again.
"Silly, March!"