Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Let's Play Some Basketball"

Brandon has been playing on 3 basketball teams and 1 volleyball team the past couple of months. It's been crazy, and I will be glad to have my husband back :)
Here are some pics from last night's Jerome City League championship.
(Sorry for the crappy pictures, the lighting was weird...and my camera is going downhill fast)
 Brian Williams and Brandon
Silly boys

 Playing B-ball with Grandpa. This boy is hard to contain in the stands! All he wants to do is "shoot ball!!"

 Back to back champs!


Gwen said...

You're a good woman Linds! I'm lucky that Greg gave up his city league days when he was put in the Bishopric (traded one time consumer for another), but I'm not sure I would have EVER been a fan of three different nights a week of sports for my hubby! You are way too nice!