Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fashion Star

So there is this blog, Pink Peonies, that has become super popular. It is a super cute (super skinny) LDS girl that is a newlywed and blogs about the adorable outfits she wears everyday. I LOVE her style and enjoy reading the blog...except for that fact that I could NEVER afford her clothes! (Don't even get me started on how I don't understand how a "married student" can afford them either...still has daddy's credit card? ;)  Anyways, she did a post a little while ago and the second I saw it I said, "Hey! I have that exact outfit!" And then I realized, my outfit was a SMALL fraction of the cost of hers. So I thought I'd do a little comparison :)
Warning: We took my pictures in maybe 2 seconds as we were already late rushing out the door, and the sun was shooting me in the bear with me.

Pink Peonies outfit: Top- $90 from J.Crew, Tee- $40 from J.Crew, Jeans- $190 Paige Denim, Shoes- $228 J.Crew, Watch- $250 Michael Kors, Necklace- $60 J.Crew, Wrist Jewels- at least $100 from J.Crew, Juicy Couture and Forever 21, Bag- $575 Tory Burch
Outfit total: about $1,533

My outfit: Top- $15 Old Navy, Tee- $10 Old Navy, Jeans- $20 Gap clearance, Shoes- $15 TJ Maxx clearance, Watch- $30 Macy's, Necklace- $15 American Eagle, Wrist Jewels- $6 Forever 21, and I have a similar bag but forgot it in the picture- $10 from Plato's Closet
Outfit total: about $121

(I did guesstimate some of the prices because they are no longer available or I forgot exactly how much I paid..but it's pretty darn close)
So the moral of the story, you do NOT have to break the bank for new, cute clothes! My sister's and I LOVE to shop, and we LOVE a good bargain even more! I very rarely pay full price for anything. Almost everything will eventually go on clearance, or a coupon will show up somewhere!
I strongly believe in retail therapy, but not blowing all your money on it!
Please do not get me wrong, I love her blog..and to be honest, if I had the money I probably would buy some more of her higher quality items (I'm sure her J.Crew shirts don't shrink like crazy, and don't get holes in them like my Old Navy ones do..) But I'd just rather save my money for something a house! (Okay, I'll settle for food...)

P.S. How do you feel about my hair these days? I've grown out my roots for the "ombre" look that all the celebs are doing these days....yay or nay?


MCapps said...

Hey! U worn this last night! And you looked fab as usual!

Ashlee said...

I am dying that you did this because when I saw that post on pinkpeonies I said the same thing, "hey I have that outfit!" but I have yet to recreate it. Too funny.

Chelsea said...

Very nice!

Nikole said...

That's insane! Way to cut out prices! I have an somewhat fashion blog too (, but I could never ever afford those clothes! I'm in the normal student boat for sure.