Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jarelle My Bell.

Last Friday I got to make a solo trip down to SLC to see one of my best friends, Jarelle, get married. We grew up dancing together at the same studio. Her and Stephen started dating in high school and I knew she could never marry anyone else :) They got engaged just a few days after he got home from his mission. They make such a beautiful couple!
It was a lovely day and I was glad I got be apart of it.
(Yes, I took a million pictures :)

They had these smiles alll day. It was so cute the way they looked at each other.

Jarelle's sister, Aleasha, who is good friends with my sister, Chelsea.
The 4 of us had some GOOD times growing up :)
Annie (Fuge) Richardson, Jarelle, and Me
She has the cutest grandparents. Her Grandpa was their sealer.
We stayed with her grandma on the left when Jarelle and I went to BYU Dance Camp when I was probably 12.
The Case Family
(Can you spot Mitt Romney's son? ;)
Love those Fullers
(My senior year, I was the only Mormon in my class so my stake didn't have a seminary class for me. So I had to drive over to Brother Fuller's famous seminary class. Great experience)

(I should've known better than to take a picture next to the beautiful bride after a 4 hour road trip ;)

(Shout out to my mother-in-law for taking Grant, and Mikey and Shiann for letting me crash at their place!)