Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer 2013

 Riding John and Care's new horses
 Swimming in the Anderson's natural hot spring pool
 Baby bump!
 Goofy boy

 Baby Kendall
 Snow cones
 Sister's weekend in Boise, missing Melissa
 First day of Joy School

 Niece McKenzie's graduation

 Grant and Luke
Best cousin buddies!

 My cute cousin, Krystal's wedding reception in Beaver
 Shoshone Falls
 Walking Grandma Andersen's dog, Oreo
 Boating on the Snake River

In June I got to go to California to meet up with some old college roommates. It was a blast!
 Preggo ladies!

 Me, Carly, Elaine and Rachael
4th of July


 "Wrestling" with Grandpa Andersen

 21 Weeks!

24th of July in Beaver
 Grant and McCoy

 Meghan and Adam Christensen came to visit. We went to dinner on top of the canyon at Elevation.
Andersen Family Reunion


I was able to tag along with Brandon in April to Pennsylvania for the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association conference. It was a fun getaway!

 Amish Country! I was so fascinated.

 View of downtown Lancaster from our hotel
 The last 2 days we drove over to D.C. to see the sights.
Arlington Cemetery

 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 
 Washington Monument

 Lincoln Memorial
 White House
 I was able to meet up with my good, good friend Liz Redd who is going to school in Maryland