Wednesday, October 30, 2013

January-February 2013

 We love going to meet Dad for breakfast!
 First time wearing big boy underwear
 Miracle Hot Springs for FHE
 January was freeeezing!!
 Grant split his head open at Caroline's house :( Dr. Kinghorn came and glued it shut
 Got to do a session in the Boise temple with my parents, Jordan and Tiffani
 Finally warmed up enough to ride his bike outside!
 And then Brandon split HIS face open at church ball while I was in Boise! He had to go get stiches in the ER. Luckily the scar isn't too bad.

And I chopped all my hair off and donated it to Locks of Love.
It was so liberating! :)

 Went down to Provo and spent Valentine's Day with these lovies

 We watched Dad play lots of basketball and win the City League Championship...for the 3rd time.
 We also discovered that after 18 months of prayers, we were finally having another baby! Due in November.
We are so blessed!
 It was an exhausting 2 months ;)