Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, Brandon's family have always had this tradition. This is my second year going with them..
First stop: Grandpa Robert's grave in Pocatello

All the brothers in brown with Grandma Roberts (and Luke ;)We then went and had a wonderfuuuuul Dutch oven lunch with the whole Andersen family in Preston, ID

Next stop: Grandpa Andersen's grave in Lewiston, UT

Brandon and I just love Lolly (Lauren), she is so dainty!

And there was an owl in a tree!

The last stop was ice cream at Caspers. Yumm!

Little Trip

I love living less than 2 hours from Tiffani in Meridian! I went up and visited them a few weeks ago while Brandon was playing in a basketball tournament in Teton.

I got to go and watch the boys play soccer.

Brady: His team was hilarious cuz they were all so little and would just clump together going after the ball

And Dallin scored his first goal!!

Sista Sista

I've been missing my sister's a lot lately.
Love you guys!
At least Brandon and I just booked our tickets to see Melissa in June in Cali! So excited!

Friday, May 15, 2009


How did I get so lucky?? ♥

Monday, May 4, 2009


So, for the Summer, we have moved into this mansion:

With John (Brandon's brother) and Caroline (his wife) while Brandon does an internship on the huge AA Dairy that John manages.
We love living with these silly, cute kids.

Gracie and Abbey

and Hilary

We are SOOOO grateful that John and Caroline are going to put up with us all Summer ;) We have never been able to sell the contract for our apartment in Provo (which we have until August) and all the apartments up here wouldn't let us sign a contract for just the here we are! We love it!