Monday, December 3, 2012

House Tour

This is mostly for my family that hasn't seen our new home yet, but here is a crazy, random, out of order tour of our new house. There is still a lot I'd like to do but after painting the entire thing..we're a little exhausted! We really love it here and could not feel more blessed!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New House!

Soo I realized that I never posted on our biggest event of the year!

We bought a house!!

We've been in for over a week now and it's been great! The move was pretty overwhelming and I never want to do it again (unless it's to some place warm ;) and we still have a lot of unpacking to do, but I love being closer to town and just a few minutes from Twin Falls. We painted the entire house for over 2 weeks and I never want to think about those two weeks again... But we are here and feel so blessed. Hallelujah for a crappy housing market and rock bottom interest rates :)

I'll try and post a home tour once we get settled.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip!

Because it was our anniversary on the 8th, we decided to take the week before the wedding and drive down to California. We made the (hard) decision to leave Grant with Brandon's mom for the week (thank you!!) I was really sad leaving him, but by the end of the trip we were glad he didn't tag along :)

We got to stop on the way to Provo and see my new niece, Riley!
We stayed in Provo and Mikey and Shiann's (Thank you!)
Brandon and I used our Seven Peaks pass on Monday
Then went to our fav Thai restaurant!
And I got my FAV dessert, mango and sticky rice

Next stop: Vegas!
We stayed at Adam and Meghan's (Thank you!)
Another old roommate, Craig, was driving through going back to dental school in Cali and stayed with us! It was great to be reunited.

We ate at The Sugar Factory on The Strip.
The. best. pizza of my life.
Then the boys had to play a little Adam and Meghan's bedroom..
Anniversary dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Caesars Palace
Bellagio water show

Next stop: Hemet, CA!
Snuggling with the babe
Frozen yogurt with some of the family that stayed at Melissa's

Next stop: Laguna Beach, CA!

We all got to go to this gorgeous private beach in Kaitlin's family's neighborhood

The next days were full of wedding festivities!
It was a great vacation!

Trevor and Kaitlin's Wedding

My brother Trevor married the darling Kaitlin Kimball on August 11th in the San Diego Temple and it was a beautiful day! Well, it actually started out with me getting out of the shower to a text from my dad saying something along the lines of, "They are shutting all but one lane of the freeway down. Everyone needs to leave now." So I left looking like a wet dog so I wouldn't miss my brother's wedding, but they had already re-opened the freeway and we got there an hour earlier than necessary. (Thank goodness for visitor center bathroom's with outlets so I could do my hair ;)
The sealing was performed by Kaitlin's Grandpa and was so great. It was awesome to hear (all day actually) how much her family ADORES Trevor.
Unfortunately, the photographer went to the wrong temple and so we all had to wait 2 hours after the sealing for him to come and the married couple to come out!

The brother's in law (and they whine that they never get to be in the
pictures ;)

Kaitlin's family was so gracious and had a luncheon at her Grandparent's beautiful home right on the ocean. Then, since we were already behind schedule we had to head over to the reception, which was at a beautiful park in the same neighborhood.
This was probably the most beautiful reception I've ever been to. They thought of everything!

Live birds

Cookie and ice cream sandwiches

Cute little boxes to fill all the fresh fruit you could imagine! Brandon was in heaven with the raspberries

And I was in heaven with Chelsea's new baby Riley

Cute tree that people wrote notes and hung them on


Setting off lanterns

Aaaand then it was a 12 hour drive home the next day. (We were planning on 14, so it wasn't that bad!)