Sunday, October 4, 2009


Trey is Brandon's 6-year old nephew that was born with HLHS (1/2 of a heart) he has had many surgeries and complications with it through his whole life but always seems to keep a smile on his face. The other day Trey got really sick again with flu like symptoms (and many more things that I wouldn't be able to explain). They live in Declo, Idaho and the hospital in Burley decided he needed to go down to Primary Children's Hospital in SLC in an ambulance for the 3rd time in the past few months.

We were able to go up and visit him this afternoon. He looked really sick and tired when we first got there but quickly started to feel better and was looking great! He and Brandon had fun playing with his gun..I think it really cheered Trey up.

They shot Grandpa...

They are hoping that Trey will be able to go home tomorrow. We love you Trey! Please keep him in your prayers.
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Ben and Robbie and family said...

Sniff sniff. :( Thanks for posting pictures of my boy...I've been missing him. And a HUGE thanks for taking the time to go visit- I know he (and Ben) really appreciated it.

Love ya,

The Yardley's said...

what a cutie! i bet you totally made his day.