Saturday, April 4, 2009

Called of God

Brandon and I went to all you can eat french toast this morning at Kneaders and as we were leaving Brandon said "Well, let's go see if Neil is gunna become an Apostle." So we went home to watch Conference and right before President Monson announced it, we both got this really strong feeling and my heart starting beating really fast...I knew it was gunna be him! And sure enough, he announced Elder Neil L. Andersen as the newest member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Neil is Brandon's dad's younger brother, and he is also the man who sealed us. He is such an amazing man and I'm not surprised at all that the Lord has called him to this important calling. What a great blessing this is for our family!


Ben and Robbie and family said...

Hey Lindsay-
Breakfast sounds great.

P.S. I stole your post heading and picture. Hope you'll forgive!

Nelson and Katie Arave! said...

i made a bet with my husband who the next apostle would be. i said elder andersen and he said anyone else....and I WON!! my husband is soo jealous i know him! :)