Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birfday!

I had a lovely day Monday. It started off by waking up at 4:45 am and going to the airport to finally fly back to Provo after 5 days in warm, beautiful AZ for a family friend's wedding. It was great to get away from the horrible Utah weather, but I was def ready to come back to my LoverMuffin. (Couldn't go due to school and work) After Brandon picked me up we went to one of my fav places, Zupas, for lunch, then I had to go to school the rest of the day which really stunk. No one at school knew it was my birthday haha :) After school, Brandon had to work on a group project so I got to bake my own birthday cake...haha it was actually okay with me. Then we went to TUCANOS! WHOOO! We are members of the birthday club, so in the month of your birthday, you get a free meal! Then, a whole bunch of my friends and a few family came over to our apartment for cake and games! Good times. What did Brandon get me, you ask? A trip to Pheonix and a waxing kit which I don't actually have yet..but will soon :) Thanks to those of you (well, 1 of you ;) that called and the others that acknowledged my birthday. I am no longer a teenage wife!

And the best part was this SUPER cute "Flirty Apron" from Brandon's parents, Heather and Joelle that I have been wanting for MONTHS! Thanks guys I absolutely LOVE IT and you :)


Ben and Robbie and family said...

Lindsay...I am the #1 chump. So sorry I didn't call on your birthday! My kids play with the family calendar- one of the boys has stolen it, and without it, I am utterly lost...glad you had a great day!
Happy Birthday from all of us!
Love, Robbie