Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, Alright...

So, I had this client the other day. She had to have been over 300 lbs and seemed very strange when we first met, but then she continued to tell me about all of the brain tumors that she has and how she will probably loose all of her hair soon. (I'm working on trying to not judge people so quickly) She was actually very entertaining. The best part was that while I was cutting her hair, she was making me this!

Who does that?! She made this little balloon dog holding my tip! Ha, she just whipped it out of her purse and started blowing and twisting...not making it very easy to give her an even haircut ;) I took a lot of time on her though, and wanted to make her feel so pretty. Some people may think that part of what I'm learning is very superficial, but when you make a woman feel so beautiful, it can really change their life and give them so much more confidence to conquer the world! She seemed so much happier after she left :) I really do love what I do.


The Yardley's said...

hilarious and awesome, all at the same time.