Thursday, June 3, 2010

Showered With Love

My AMAZING sister-in-law, Caroline, was SO sweet to drive down from Idaho and throw me a baby shower at her parent's house in Orem before we moved! It was a ton of fun, and thanks to everyone who came.
The Mastermind of the evening...and Carter
Katie Medley and Brianna Barnett

Camee Faulk, Emily Meek, Elaine Thorpe, Carly Goodman, Rachael Knudson
We all lived together/ met at Liberty Square! Awesome girls.

Camee and Emily
Linx Theobald, Sarah Campbell, Liz Redd, Emily Baird
We have all been best friends since pretty much the womb.
No one can make me laugh harder.

Hair school friends Amy Thompson and Aiko Toma

Old Roommates
Melissa and Cohen Kitchen (sorry about the shadow)Lauren Mair- hair school BFF
*Angelique- not sure what happened with your picture?
Thanks again, Care!


Melissa said...

Linds, you're looking cute as ever!! Love ya!

Angelique said...

Oh phew! I was nervous about that picture so I'm glad it's not there. You look soooo cute. Are you getting knees and elbows poking out of your tummy? haha That was always crazy.