Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys, sorry but no internet in the house yet (you can contact Brandon with your complaints about that ;) so this will just be a quick post! Most of you know I had my ultrasound done yesterday and thought you would like to hear the update.
  • Most everything looked great on the ultrasound and we even got a fun 3-D picture of his face
  • The ultrasound calculated my due date to be more around June 26th (original date is 4th of July) but I'm trying to not get my hopes up ;)
  • He has moved down into my pelvis pretty far already which is reassuring..but becoming quite uncomfortable
  • It is 100% sure that he is a boy!
  • Grant's head is quite large and measured in the 96th percentile! Looks like we will be having another Skylar in the family ;)
  • Unfortunately, his abdomen is only measuring in the 5th percentile which means he is very skinny. This caused some concern for the doctor. He said it could just be because I am a skinny girl and he's just a skinny baby...or, it could be the indicator of something more serious. So, starting on Monday, I have to go in once a week and do a non-stress test to monitor him more closely and try to figure out what's goin on in there! The doctor was super nice about everything and didn't make me feel too concerned (if that's possible with your first baby!) but, your prayers for his continued growth would be appreciated.

We are getting very excited for his arrival and cannot believe we only have a month left! Other than that, Brandon is really enjoying his job out here and Lindsay is continuing to paint/ get this house all fixed up before Grant arrives. We had some great visitors, my sister Tiffani and her family, down here from Boise for the weekend so that was a lot of fun. We are really liking our ward and have already made some great friends. Now, we're just waiting for the weather to get warmer and start enjoying summer!!

*Hoping to get internet soon so you can all see lovely pics of my growing belly ;)


Garrick and Holly Hall said...

you are in our prayers. sounds like you have a good doctor. see you saturday-I'll bring the monkey.