Wednesday, June 9, 2010


John and Caroline's cat, Roxy, had 4 kittens and they were kind enough to let us take home 2 of them! I have yet to see a mouse inside of our house, knock on wood, but they better become good mice catchers because I WILL freak out when I do ;)
The lighter one's name is "Nash" and the darker is "D-Will" named after each of our favorite NBA players. They're still pretty shy and scared to be away from momma so it was hard to get any good pictures but we love to bring them in at night and play with em. Brandon's favorite is when they fight each other...I think he's going to start an underground cat fighting ring.

Our babies...until the real baby arrives
I hope they grow up to look like our family cat, Cloudy. He was THE fattest and oldest cat in the world. I remember the day I came home from summer dance class and my dad had secretly put Cloudy to sleep...tragedy.


JasonDebbie said...

I totally remember when he put cloudy to sleep, he was such a huge cat its awesome.:) I LOVE the name nash for a cat, we might have to copy you one day:)Kittens are so cute

Emily Brooke said...

oh Cloudy! "Is that a hairless cat?"