Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Update

The ultrasound on Friday went really well. Grant's abdomen is not small anymore, it actually went from being in the 5th percentile to like the 70th in about a month! They actually guessed his weight at around 7.14. I'm so proud ;) and grateful that our prayers were answered. So, they decided it wasn't necessary to induce me anymore. So now we wait....and wait. I am so uncomfortable and miserable and don't sleep at night and just wanna be done! I even cleaned out the garage and pulled weeds all afternoon hoping to get somethin going but I think the only outcome is a sore back. We go back to the doctor on Thursday. Any tips on inducing labor on your own would be appreciated :)


Angelique said...

Just enjoy having the baby inside. It's so much easier to take him with you and you will be sleeping a lot less when he comes.

However, when he does come it will be the most awesome thing that has ever happened to you (besides getting married). Babies are the best. You are going to be a great mom.

Greg and Gwen said...

HA! I did the same thing right before Dallin...tons of yard work, thinking it would maybe start something. I only ended up with an aching back too ;)
Good luck!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you that you have a baby before or on July 4th and not after!!!

JasonDebbie said...

Read up on certain vitamins/herb supplements that you can take to induce it, I've heard of people doing it that way. Jump on a trampoline maybe also:)

Brock and Melissa said...

My tip to induce labor is to get in your car and go drive over speed bumps 30-40 mph. Works for my aunt every time. :)

Good luck Linds! Can't wait to see baby Grant. GET HERE SOON BOY!