Monday, April 14, 2008


After dating for about 6 months and talking about marriage for about 3, we are engaged! We went ring shopping over a month ago so I have been waiting for it to actually happen, and it finally did!

Saturday afternoon, he took me to Salt Lake City. We went to lunch and saw the Joseph Smith movie (I had never seen it before, and highly reccomend it!). Then, that night we were planning on going to the Utah Flash Game. His cousin owns the team and we've been to a couple games during the year. This was their last game and he had gotten a bunch of tickets for our roommates and their boyfriends and girlfriends and Brandon's sister Heather, and Chelsea & Nathan. I was told this was just an end of the year thing, a last hoorah before everyone moves back home. I WAS LIED TO! :)

After the first quarter of the game, some man came up to me and said "would you like to participate in our activities tonight??" What does that mean!?! Activities!?! Sure, I like activities, why not? So after much cheering and encouraging from Brandon and friends, I agreed and followed the man down stairs. I remember from previous games that they do a Hogi Yogi shoot-out in which you have to make baskets to get frozen yogart. (I don't even like frozen yogart!) I informed them that I am in no way, shape, or form, a basketball player! They said that it's okay and all I have to do is shoot a lay I figured I would give it a whirl. So, on a time out, they brought me out onto the court and I think they were running out of time cuz they were like "okay why don't you just try and make a free throw from right here" so I was like uughh okay? And threw up a prayer...well, obviously it did NOT go in...but it wasn't THAT bad of a shot. So I was pretty upset that I wouldn't win anything but they were like "it's okay, we're gunna give you this consolation prize anyways" and they rolled out a big box. The first thing that went through my mind was "wow I didn't even make the shot! And that thing kinda looks like it would be a frozen yogart machine or something!" Well, little to my knowledge, it was NOT a frozen yogart was BRANDON! They lifted the box and there he was on his knee with a diamond ring in his hand and it hit me and I started FREAKING OUT! I think I went from nervous, to crying, to excited, to not be able to breath, to so amazingly happy in about 10 seconds. Well I obviously said YES! and when he was trying to put the ring on my finger (he tried to put it on my right hand like 3 times) we were both shaking like leaves! Then the dumb mascot, Flash Fox, lifted me up and carried me away. I was like "put me down!! I just got engaged!" He finally took me back and Brandon gave me a huge bouqet of flowers. It was so perfect and I was totally surprised. The audience was going crazy and when we were walking back to our seats everyone was yelling "congrats! You're the man!!" Haha it was amazzzzzzing!

Things later brought to my attention:

  • Brandon did NOT go and get his tire changed that morning, he was buying the box

  • He did NOT have an MTC meeting later that evening, he was at the arena meeting with the people

  • He was nervous and sweating the whole game. Apparently, during the whole first quarter, he was not watching the game AT ALL

  • All of mine and his roommates and friends and parents knew over a week ago!!

The special day is August 8th (8-8-08) in the Mesa, Arizona temple at 10:30 am with a luncheon to follow and a reception that evening at Gainey Ranch Golf Club.


Julie said...

what the CRAP!!!??? congrats!! are you of legal age? i swear you are still 15, when i first met you. just kidding! haha. thats awesome!!! 08-08-08 is rad too! hes way cute! when will you bring him to b-town? oh man, i just called it b-town. ive been here too long! congrats again. great engagement story too.

Julie said...

ps. love the ring!

Lindsay said...

haha thank you! YES i am of legal age...19 okay!! and thanks i love it too..yes we will be in b-town on may 1st during our travel to az for chels' wedding! get excited!

Greg and Gwen said...

What a fun story to be able to tell your kids someday!!! We are so excited to welcome you to the family!!!!! And consider this our RSVP...We will DEFINITELY be there on 8-8-08!!!!

Ben and Robbie and family said...

Congrats!!! We're so excited for you guys!

Thanks for stopping by this afternoon! Sorry you had to dodge arrows the entire time!

Katie said...

Lindsay...I am so glad that you guys have a blog. It was fun to read your engagement story. I am so glad that you are going to be part of our fam!!!:) We can't wait to see you and spend time with you again. This is definately the hard part about living so far away! We love ya!:)

Heather said...

I am glad you started a blog! I am not surprised that brandon didn't watch any of the first quarter. It was funny to watch him knowing why he couldn't sit still:)