Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lake Powell 2008!

Every year since I can remember we get to go to Lake Powell with some of our closest friends and their nice, new houseboat. It is always so much fun! Even though we squeezed like 22 people on that thing. The weather was really nice the first few days, but kept getter progressively hotter. Lake Powell is my most favorite place in the whole world but I wish Brandon could have come!!

Trev-or Trev-or skiing

After a nice shower on the back of the boat

Rainbow Bridge, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, ya know!

Surprisingly, it still looks the same after seeing it like 6 different times, so we stopped the long, hot hike once we could see it and turned right around ;)

Love it!

Not looking too excited cuz we know how crazy my Dad gets when he pulls us on the tube. I think it's cuz he knows we can't really sue him.

My point exactly..

It was by far the funniest tube experience ever, though. The wakeboard tower on the boat was a little loosey goosey so we put the rope down on the bottom, causing gallons of water to shoot at us almost the entire ride, causing us to not be able to see ANYTHING, causing us to just laugh the whole time, causing some major miscommunication. So good.

Ash wake-skating...well, trying ;)

Stay tuned to Ashlee's blog cuz I am sure she will post some hilarious slash embarassing pics from "Club X-scape" (the name of the houseboat was The Sweet Escape) a really sweet dance party we had the last night we were there.