Sunday, September 28, 2008

So You Think You Can

So whilst Brandon and I were apart this Summer, I called him and asked if we could get tickets to see the SYTYCD? tour when they came to the E Center in September. He was quick to tell me that we really can't and don't have the money to afford it. As you can imagine, I was livid. I believe the words "you are NOT going to have a happy wife on September 23rd" and "I am NOT going to let you buy Jazz tickets this year" were used. And he still married me :) Well, after we were married he told me that him and Chelsea DID get tickets to the tour and just wanted it to be a surprise! I was sooo excited! What a guy. Welp, the night finally rolled around and it was soooo cool to actually see them, and they're obv amazing. It was tons of fun to be able to go with Chels and Nate too. We like them. But, of course my battery was dead on my camera so it would only turn on for a few seconds for me to be able to snap a quick pic! I didn't even get any of us...oh well, we aren't the talented ones :)


The mattress dance!

Katie (she should've won) and Joshua (the winner)

Josh and Twitch

Gev in a dress, he was a hoot!

The door/makeout dance!

The battery completely died before my favorite dance, Bleeding Love, but twas amazing! Thanks babe!!!