Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, yes we are alive. Sorry for not posting in ages, but I've lost my camera charger and we are just SO busy!! With school and work and having a rough couple of weeks. I've been sick off and on with the stomach flu and now some sort of sore throat (guess it's what I get for working and hovering over stranger's all day long). Brandon is so hard core with the intramural football that a few weeks ago he sprained his wrist REALLY bad, another downside to not having a workable camera because his whole hand looked like he had elephantitis! Then, on his birthday on Tuesday they had another game and he collided with another guy, causing him to hurt his shoulder REALLY bad! Baah I have a broken husband! He went to the Health Center and it's not broken or anything, and he says its getting a little better day by by day..uh where was I? We've also had a scare with Brandon's sister-in-law Gwen but are so grateful to hear that she is Melanoma free now! You can read more about it here. Now, we are keeping little Trey in our prayers (Brandon's 5-year-old nephew born with some very serious heart problems which are starting to act up again). We are definitely excited to get a break from all the chaos and go home to warm AZ for Thanksgiving!
Anyways, while I spend the next few posts catching you up on our lives (including an awesome surprise party!) enjoy this really cool Christmas song! I LOVE Christmas time and am starting it now, hence my cute new background :)
P.s. I'm pretty sure Faith Hill is one of the most beautiful beings on the earth.
P.p.s. GO COUGS!!