Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sorry, I know I promised to update the blog more. Here's what's been going on lately: I've only been really sick for about ohhhh a MONTH! Yeah, ridiculous. It's even gotten worse the past two days. I went to the doctor last week and took all of my antibiotics, but still no dice. So, after having to miss too much school already, and not sure how much more I would have to miss, we've decided to have me start my leave of absence today (this means that I wont have to pay for these hours that I am missing). I think I just need a break for a little while to actually get better so I wont be sick over Christmas. Thanks to NyQuil and a humidifier that Brandon's mom so graciously got for us, I was able to sleep pretty well for the first time last night. Brandon's shoulder is slowly healing and he went to physical therapy last week. Unfortunately, he is starting to get a bit of a cold himself. After getting "layed off" and then the next day "re-hired" with a bit of a pay cut (dumb economy!!), he is still workin at the furniture store with his good friend Mikey. Finals are coming up, so obviously it's a pretty stressful time for him. We were able to go to Logan on Friday for his Uncle Steve's wedding and then to Pocatello the next day for Grandma Roberts' 80th birthday party. It's always great to get to see family again..(sorry again, Tiff, for not being able to go to Dallin's baptism!) So, as you can see, we are definitely ready for Christmas break! We will be in Idaho for all of it this year, and will try to see as much family on both sides as we can! I am workin on getting some pics of our cute little Christmas tree on here, so stay tuned! Love to all.

P.S. I almost forgot the best news of all!!! My wedding photographer, Heather Ives, sent me a wonderful email the other day informing me that they FOUND our missing pictures!!! Her husband was finally able to recover them from their crashed computer. Talk about an answer to our prayers. You can read below about what happened, but the pics that we had been missing were from the reception; including Andersen family ones, cutting the cake, dancing...all that good stuff. I'm so excited to see them and will post a few once they get here :)

P.S.S. The Suns beat the Jazz on Saturday :D