Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Oh Sweet Lovaaaa!!"

Yesterday was the day of love, also the one year anniversary of the day that I took Brandon home to meet my family! Yesterday was one of the best days of mah life!!

On Friday, my gift to Brandon was to go and get back treatments at my school in the Esthetics program. And let me tell you, they were A-MAZ-ING!! It is like an hour long facial for your back including lots of back, hand, and arm massages. I was seriously in heaven. Then, that night Brandon's high school friend Eric and his wife Beka came down from Utah State so we went and ate at Sizzler and saw Madagascar 2 at the dollar theater. We love Eric and Beka!

On Saturday (the actual day of lurve), after sleeping in for a little bit, I was awoken by a wonderful husband who had made me breakfast in bed! Yummy French Bread French Toast, eggs, sausage (that Brandon made himself, sometimes at work if they don't have any deliveries, Vaud, his really old and sweet boss, will have them make sausage! Apparently he used to be a butcher..), and orange juice! And then came out to find these on the table:

Don't you love the bling-bling wrapped around the vase? It's probably like 50 karots.

And then I took a nap :)

And then we went and picked up the Kids at "Jay's Jungle Pet Shop"

And then we went and ate a nummy nummy dinner at GoodWood (my new favorite, better spinach and artichoke dip than CPK. Do NOT freak out at me Moyes women!)

And then we went and saw "He's Just Not That Into You" at the really nice, new theater by University Mall. It was pretty good, but there was a guy cheating on his poor wife for like the whole movie so that part broke my heart...but the rest I liked. And Jen Aniston is my new about a rockin bod!! ;) Oh yeah and there was a preview of a new movie with Emma Stone (you know, my old best friend) and other stars such as Matthew McConaughey! Crizazy!

It was such a good weekend and I don't want it to ennnnd. Sorry ladies, but I def have the best Valentine in the whole wide world!!

P.S. For some reason they don't believe in giving cosmetology students more than 4 days off a year, so yes I have school tomorrow. But don't worry! We DO get Pioneer Day off! Phew!