Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun Valley

We had a fabulous time in Sun Valley this past weekend celebrating our First Anniversary! It is gorgeous up there and the weather was nice and cool.

We saw this sly fox while driving around

After a delicious "fancy" dinner, we walked around town and took silly pictures and got a candy apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Be jealous, Debbie. Don't throw up, Chelsea)

Little Boo in a big chair

Brandon just had to find this spot where he loved to go fishing when he was little and would come to Sun Valley for Little League All-Stars..he wouldn't stop talking about how that is the greatest place to catch the world!

The next morning we took the ski lift to the very top of Bald Mountain

It was cold up there!
Para gliders

So beautiful!
*Random side note: After we got home Sunday night, I was talking to my dad on the phone and we figured out that he PAINTED the building that we are living in the Fall in 1970!! Isn't that hilarious?! I wonder if while he was painting our apartment he thought to himself "hmm I wonder if my 8th child will live in this apartment with her husband in the year 2009??" ;)
I am also sure it hasn't been painted since!


Angelique said...

Oh Sun Valley is so beautiful! What a great place to go. Congrats on the 1 year! Doesn't it go by so fast?

JasonDebbie said...

You KNOW I am jealous about that apple! :)

Brynne said...

That is way funny that your Dad painted that building! We will definitely need to do more than just dinner nights when you guys are back...are you back already? I don't even know. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had fun up there!

Brock and Melissa said...

Linds how fun! I'm jealous. I miss you.. Have you moved back yet? If so... are you in our same ward? Just curious.