Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A few weeks ago we stopped at a house to buy some sweet corn. We got out of the car and left Grant inside because we were standing right next to it, buying the corn. A few minutes later we hear a big crash and turn around to find a big white truck had backed into our car...with my new baby in the back seat!! I pretty much freaked out and sprinted over to the car. Grant was crying (he could have been before the car got hit). He was fine, but I'm sure it scared him. (Not as much as his Mama though!) Luckily the guy was going very slow and there wasn't TOO much damage. He felt awful and gave us all his info.

His truck...not a scratch

It turned out to be not so bad, though, cuz his insurance provided this SWEET rental car while ours was in the shop. It was a brand new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee..and I was in love. I seriously want this to be my next car.

We told the guys to take their time with our car, but sadly in was ready in only a few short days.


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Angelique said...

Eek! How scary! Glad Grant is okay. Poor little guy.

Sweet ride, though!