Friday, October 22, 2010

A Real Life Nephi!

My Husband is a Prophet!
(Ok, I could probably get in trouble for sayin that...)
For the Young Men's campout they put on a neat presentation for the boys in the canyon where they walked through the wilderness and met "the prophets of the Book of Mormon"
Brandon was asked to play Nephi
(the best one of course ;)

It was intense! He had to memorize a 2 page speech, go to 2 dress rehersals, be fitted for his costume, and apparently the lady who they had make the costumes has a Masters degree in costume design so she took it very seriously!

Check out this sword! (Emily and Chauncey know the voice that I am saying that in)
It was bedazzled and everything. And was SO heavy I could hardly lift it!


Heather said... look great! Love the costume.