Monday, April 11, 2011


Some pictures I've been needing to post for a while..

My cute friend, Amanda has gotten me into crafting!

We've made these cute spring wreaths. This one is just yarn and fabric rosettes..

This one is just ribbon tied in knots This is a "tag blanket" for Grant
The inside has a plastic bag, he loves how it crinkles
She's also helping me make a quilt for Grant. Actually, I can hardly sew a straight line, so she's doing most of the work :) It's super cute though, can't wait to show you the finished product!
I also celebrated my 22nd birthday!

Brandon had mutual and a championship basketball game on my actual birthday, so Caroline was sweet enough to make my birthday dinner and cake. (Thanks again, Care!)

Some of the lovely gifts I received..
Going out to dinner a few days later..

(Notice how, when no one else is around, we just have to take pictures of each other holding Grant)
Grant is a pretty wild sleeper, this is a shot of his hair after rubbing it all over in his nap
He is also crawling backwards now, today he got himself trapped in this corner. I had to laugh, take a picture, and THEN rescue him ;)

Notice that he is still smiling though

Are you jealous of my life, yet?


Angelique said...

Happy Birthday! Grant is so adorable and you always look so cute!

Oh, you will never get used to it snowing in April, May or even sometimes June. You better move the farm to AZ. ;)

Annie said...

completely. (answer to your jealous question. ;)

JasonDebbie said...

I love that easter outfit you put on him that is so cute! And I love that ribbon wreath, i have to make one for christmas or fourth of july or something. Also, we did NOT forget about your birthday!:) I remembered and just have been totally forgetting to tell you-even though its totally late now. I am barely hanging on by a thread after having this 4th child so I apologize that it slipped my mind every day to tell you happy birthday--we love you!

Christine & Todd said...

you re so dang cute and crafty!! your little family is adorable!! and i hate how long your hair is!! im jealous i miss you!!!!!

Nelson, Katie and Ashton Arave! said...

ok, that wall with all the A's is ADORABLE!!! grant is such a cute little guy, i just love that little smile!

Sadie Jane said...

LOVE your blog!! your family is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for entering my giveaway! I am your newest follower!

Julie and Kyle said...

loooong hair!!! love it! and you look so much like ashlee in that black and white outfit. not because of the outfit though, just trying to explain what pictures i mean.