Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

We went to our ward breakfast in the morning. Here is Grant, saying the pledge of allegience :)

Then Brandon had to go back to Grant took a nap in his jumper..

Don't worry, I took him out after the pictures

That night, Hez had a BBQ for some friends so we stopped by for some food and fireworks!

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Elaine said...

Grant is so adorable! Miss you Linds!

JasonDebbie said...

Wow hes so big, I love his blonde hair! Its funny cuz when I wrote about dying my hair blonde, I almost put it in "lindsay would be proud of me that I didnt try it by myself" :)I knew you would give me a hard time if I had done it-out of love of course :)

michiganbliss said...

The 'sleeping in the bouncer' gets me everytime. Hilarious that he still does that.