Sunday, October 16, 2011


Last weekend we got to go down to Provo for the BYU Homecoming festivities. My parents and most siblings were there too. Friday night I was able to go to The Spectacular with my parents and sisters and Saturday we went to the parade. I wasn't too great about taking pics, so I had to steal some from you, Ash ;)

Me and Ashlee all matchy-matchy like. We had matching boots on too, but clearly our photographer didn't get the memo ;)

Grant had McKenzie to hold him and a balloon (2 of his fav things)..he was set

These guys were pretty matchy too..but not as enthusiastic

The girls!

My cousin Krystle (a freshman at the Y), Chelsea, Lindsey Black from Beaver, and Me

Saturday night we got to leave Grant with the girls at the hotel and go to the BYU game.

It was pretty cold but we had awesome seats and they won!

It was a short trip, and made me miss Provo a lot!

(Shout out to Mikey and Shiann for lettin us crash at their place)

(And we realize there are a lot of people we weren't able to see, but you can't do it all folks!)