Tuesday, June 23, 2009

YF&R Activity

Last weekend we got to go to the Young Farmers and Ranchers activity. We went to Steadman's Ranch which is in between Declo and American Falls. Despite the cold and rain, it was a lot of fun. We even won $20 to Subway and a $50 Choice Hotels gift certificate!

If you are not already aware, Andersen = COMPETITIVE!!

Brandon and Gracie throwing the frisbee
An intense race
Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Brandon and John shooting (I tried, but failed miserably)

They had this sweet zip-line!

Welp, see ya later!


Krystle said...

my parents had so much fun in young farmers and ranchers and we are still great friends with alot of the families- i also remember going to some activities they were so fun- stick with it