Monday, February 7, 2011


We took a fun, quick trip down to Utah this past weekend. We drove to Orem Friday night and had dinner at our fav, Bangkok Grill. We then stayed the night at Mikey and Shiann's again (thanks guys!) Saturday, Brandon got to go to the BYU vs. UNLV game while Grant and I met up with some friends for lunch and shopping!
Brandon's parents, Joelle, and Ben were at the game too and Norma was so kind to drive Grant home with her to Burley while the rest of us went to the Jazz Game!
Then we drove all the way home...making stops in Declo and Burley. Didn't get home till 2 am but it was worth it :)

At the Jazz game

The Bear
We also caught a big tub of free popcorn!
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Emily said...

YUUMMMMYY Bangkok Thai. I just drooled on my work desk. Miss you guys!!! Next time you come to Utah, let's go Get Bagkok Thai! You know how I feel about Thai Food! p.s. Grant is the cutest little boy I have ever seen!