Monday, January 16, 2012


Grant is a pretty picky eater..but I can always count on him eating pasta!

 Blurry picture, but he loves to fold him arms for the prayer and say "Amen!!" He also loooves Elmo (hence the jammies..)
 Every little boy needs a bow tie..

 This big 18 month old is going to nursery!! He has been doing really great with it. I love peeking through the window and seeing him interact with the other kids, he is getting so old!

 I also found him wearing my scarf around the house today...He also loves to brush my hair and say "sooooft" Should I be worried? ;)


Alisa said...

i loved (and still do, really) looking in on owen when he was first in nursery and watching him play with other kids. it's cute seeing them with their friends:)

Elaine said...

Don't worry Linds, Brandon will make sure Grant becomes a real man;) But you do have pretty hair!