Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year!
On the 22nd, Grant and I got to go down to Salt Lake for one of my best friend's from growing up, Sarah's wedding. It was really beautiful but quite cold and windy outside!

We had an awesome view of the temple from the dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Fun little story for ya:
While waiting for the dinner to start we were letting the kids run around the halls outside of the room where the reception was held (on the 9th floor). I told Chelsea I had to go to the bathroom so we corralled the boys in that direction and then bumped into Liz and Linx. I set Grant down and said "OK, you guys watch him, I'm going to the bathroom" Welp, when I came out of the ladies room everyone is running up to me saying "We can't find Grant!" (once you set him down, he BOLTS off to go exploring) Apparently, everyone thought someone else was watching Grant (no one has claimed responsibility as of yet..)
Anyways, luckily I only had a few minutes to panic until some random girl walks up to me holding Grant saying,"is anyone looking for this kid?" Uh yes, me! She then proceeds to explain that he had GOTTEN ON THE ELEVATOR with them and rode down 9 floors to the lobby! (Filled with hundreds of people because of the lights) Once they got to the lobby and everyone got off, they realized Grant didn't belong to anyone and took him back up to us! Ahhh! I was actually quite calm, but looking back have realized it could have ended very differently. And I will never put a bunch of girls in charge of my child again ;)

Best Friends for many years!

Her dress was so perfect for Sarah (excuse the funny face, I caught her off guard ;)

Luke and Grant loved looking out the window

 Then, Chelsea and I went down to Beaver that night and Brandon followed with some friends the next day.
Grant and Luke took a bath together

Luke wasn't much of a fan

Luke's funny monkey hat

At the Yardley family party.
The Clinger family was VERY sneaky and ended up coming down to Beaver and surprising all of us!! So for the first time in a long time the ENTIRE Moyes family was all together! It was a joyous (and chaotic) reunion.

Brandon and McCoy acting out "8 maids a milking"

Christmas morning!
(It was necessary for this pic to be in black and white ;)

We were all very spoiled by Mimi and Papa
Grant's favorite toy was definitely his play vacuum...we've should've gotten him a real one so it would be of some use!

And then after church we attempted to get a picture of Grant in front of the tree...

He was having none of that.


Annie said...

so much fun! or maybe considering the missing child incident "exciting" is a better word ;) Don't worry it happens to everyone at least once!
Looks like you guys had a great Christmas though!

Michelle's Style File said...

What a beautiful family.