Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We've been quite busy since I got back into town. I'm getting more and more hair clients, and was also called as the Ward Girl's Camp Director.
Here are some "lately" pics:
 Grant is pretty much impossible to keep still in Sacrament meeting. It's so extremely frustrating/embarrassing. One thing that keeps him calm (for maybe 2 minutes) is to take pics on the iPhone.

 He loves to wear my glasses.
 Grant is also completely OBSESSED with cows right now. Especially baby cows. Luckily his Daddy is so nice and takes him out in the truck at least once a day.
 Last Saturday we went to a Mother's Day dinner at Grandma Robert's assisted living home
 And then on to Joelle's "Trendsetter's" concert

  I had a great Mother's Day! Brandon made me yummy french toast and gave me lots of candy and an Olive Garden gift card (he knows the way to my heart ;), I got flowers at church, and then spent most of the day at John and Caroline's where the boys grilled some yummy steaks!

 Doing nice things for a WHOLE day is such hard work!
 We also took home 2 new kitties!
 Grant loves them a little TOO much.
And Monday we had a great FHE at Shoshone Falls with some great friends!