Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 Weeks of Sadness

Brandon is in Idaho. Lindsay is in Arizona. What is wrong with this picture? Oh yeah, 830 miles is what's wrong with this picture! Brandon needed to go home and work on the farm, and I needed to go home and work for my dad and plan our wedding, so we made the big part and let me tell you, it was and has been and will be darn right horrible!

Oh yeah, and I'm getting my wisdom teeth out this morning. EVERYONE FEEL SORRY FOR ME!! ;)


JasonDebbie said...

That sucks, I know how that is. But trust me, years from now you'll be wishing you could get away from them for 6 weeks. j/k

Greg and Gwen said...

I'm a little slow in commenting so hopefully you are fully recovered from your wisdom teeth pulling experience. But since I am slow in commenting, it means just a little over 4 more weeks until wedding bells....yay!!! We can't wait!