Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lake Powell!

So my lovely Dad was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to take Brandon and I, along with my little brother Jordan, and my older sister Tiffani and her family to Lake Powell (my most favorite place in the whole wide world!) My dad had meetings Friday afternoon and had to be back in Scottsdale Sunday morning to sing at my best friend from high school, Tyler's farewell, so we were only able to go on Saturday, but it was totally worth it! It wasn't too hot and it was a lot of fun! Brandon and I were able to get the "feel" of wakeboarding again, and Brandon was able to try Jordan's "wakesurf", a mix between a surfboard and a wakeboard. It was quite the tiring day, and we have the sunburns and sore muscles to show for it!
Oh hey Dad!

Please look at my face in this one...

Sick air, Brah!

Typical Mark
The wakesurfer

Brady's first tube ride! He was terrified and it didn't help that the first thing we did was submarine and fell off!

Bathing beauties

Cliff jumping!

P.S. This was THE most frustrating post! Does anyone else just get so annoyed with Blogger sometimes!? I am never posting something with this many pictures again!!


michiganbliss said...

Looks like you had so much fun without us. So jealous. Hate you all. :)

JasonDebbie said...

i hate you all! do you even know how badly i want your dad to take us out to the lake?! :)

Krystle S said...

haha im so jealous of you goin to the lake do you know how many years it has been because of Landon's stupid baseball.. and now he is done for the summer and we have Dillon to worry about.. next time please take me... im begging you lol

John and Caroline said...

My favorite place too! I use to go at least 3 times a year...since marriage and kids...3 times total! I am jealous! We need to plan an Andersen family trip and I would be the pros