Monday, June 30, 2008

Dairy Producers Golf Tournament

Every year a couple of dairy companies put on a golf tournament for the local dairy farmers. The tournament is held at one of Idaho's most beautiful golf courses called Blue Lakes Country Club. It is located down in the Snake River Canyon right by Twin Falls. You have to be a member of the club to golf there, so we would never get a chance to golf there if it wasn't for this tournament. Any way it is a best ball tournament, and so you have a team of four and you take the best shot of the four of you every time. This year it was me, my brothers Greg and Ben, and also my dad who figured out he could actually golf last year at this same tournament. We did pretty well for four dairy farmers who rarely get a chance to golf. We shot a 3 over par which is pretty darn good. Also my dad won the longest putt award on the 18th hole. He putted it in from the fringe of the green and won a couple of camping chairs. Anyway we had a good time, and hope that my dad will let us off work early one of these days so we can go golfing together again. Hahaha.

Me overlooking the Snake River. Don't I look like a real golfer.
Hole six. It drops about 1,000 feet onto the hole (OK maybe not a 1,000, but it drops a whole lot of feet). It doesn't look so far in the picture but it's sweet!
About to tee off on hole six
Greg about to tee off on hole six
A par three that you have to shoot over this little stream
Ben and my Dad in their cart
A perfect shot i had on one of the holes
There was even a deer down on the course!
My Dad really whiffed that one! HAHA! Actually i took that picture on one of his practice swings.
Watching my Drive go toward the bridge to Twin Falls. Of course it landed right where i wanted it to; up in the sage brush.