Saturday, December 5, 2009

Turkey Day

So, since I'm horrible at taking pictures, I was hoping to steal some pics from Robbie's blog..but she takes too long ;) So here are the lame pics from this year!
We went up to Burley and it was tons of fun! His mom always takes such good care of us when we visit. It was full of tons of food and fun. Even Brandon's sister Katie, who lives in New York, was there with her cute family! Unfortunately we missed his sister Holly (mother of 6 kids, including a new baby) who got really sick with Swine Flu, which turned into Pneumonia and a stay at the hospital! We are grateful to hear that she is doing better now.

This was my first Andersen Thanksgiving!
Every year they do a Ping Pong tournament. It's pretty intense (as is every game in that family!)

John and Hez playing
I had to play Robbie first.
She is preggo and still beat me!

And then I lost to his mom. Haha

Brandon and Ben in the Championship game!!

Brand REALLY wanted to win, and it was super close...but Ben came out with the victory. Brandon was really happy for him...After a YUMMY dinner and a game of football that I was forced to play in, and didn't make a single catch (have I mentioned how much I love to play sports with this family?? ;) we had the family Christmas party cuz not all of us will be together for actual Christmas.

Here are the kids in the Nativity
And that's all folks.

We have been so blessed this past year!!!
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Krystle said...

so when you say your not going to be together for christmas does that mean your coming to beaver?! i really hope so i miss your guts!

Greg and Gwen said...

Don't worry Linds, I lost to Grandma Andersen one year! It's why I refuse to participate in the Thanksgiving Classic now. It took me a few years to realize that I don't HAVE to be as competitive as they all are and so far they still let me call myself an Andersen ;)

Holly said...

Thanks for posting. We were all sad we didn't get to be there, but I will see you Friday for the Christmas Concert.