Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wondrous Gift of Christmas

Last Friday we got to go with almost Brandon's whole family to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert in the Conference Center. We got there a little early was able to meet up with Brandon's uncle, Elder Andersen, and "chat" with him for a little bit. (Gave Brandon a big hug, couldn't remember my name but then was like "Oh yes, with the GREAT family in Arizona! haha)
We got to go to our fav restaurant California Pizza Kitchen with Brandon's siblings before the concert. Yum!
Natalie Cole was the guest artist...she was okay.
Overall, it was a great night!
(Oh yeah, except for getting car sick on the drive home. I am such a child.)

Can you spot the Temple in the background??

Now Brandon is trying to make it through finals and I am getting in as many hours as I can before heading down to good 'ol Beaver for Christmas! Sooo excited!!
Merry Christmas, everyone!


Greg and Gwen said...

I only get car sick when I'm pregnant...... :)

We had a great time with you guys too!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I've been getting car sick since I was in the womb! Don't you worry ;)