Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lauren's Wedding

Lauren, my best friend in hair school, got married last Friday! It's actually a funny story how she met her hubby- his older sister was her YW leader and would always joke with Lauren about how Lauren was going to marry her little brother and wanted Lauren to write him while he was on his mission (she didn't) but when he came home, his sister set them up and they really did get married! Cool, huh?

It was a gorgeous day! Definitely the warmest it had been so far this year.

Lauren looked so beautiful. And guess what, her mom HANDMADE her dress! Lauren actually just printed off a bunch of MY bridal pictures and sent them to her mom and she tweaked it a little to her own liking. I was flattered ;)

Brandon insisted on getting a "belly shot" in front of the temple...kinda awkward.
After the sealing in the morning, we had a bunch of time to kill so we went to my fav mall, The Gateway, and shopped a little. Then we went to the luncheon in Bountiful. Then we had more time to kill, so we did a live session in the SLC Temple, which was really neat because I had never been before. It was awesome to feel Grant squirm around in my belly while I was in the temple. Made me so grateful to know that our family is sealed for all eternity. Then we went to dinner at the SkyBox Grill at The Gateway. And THEN we went to the reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
We were exhausted to say the least but it was an AWESOME day.


Aleasha said...

We just barely missed you-sad day. We were at the SLC temple on Thursday for a wedding. Cute belly!